Demo 2014

by Beyond Repair

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Ahmad Are yall still a band or nah? Favorite track: At Both Ends.
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released February 20, 2014

Record with Jeromy Aineswoth at the Sound Saloon in Reno, NV



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Beyond Repair Reno, Nevada


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Track Name: At Both Ends
At Both Ends

I'm so tired of biting my tongue
I'd rather cut yours out
A snake in the grass
Biding it's time
Waiting to strike.

You burned the candle at both ends
You played with fire and you got burned
I'll never fall for your lies again.

Pulled your knife out of my back
More times than i'd like to admit
I cut you out of my life
There's no where else for you to go.

You reap what you sow
Track Name: Living to Die
Living To Die

Beat to the ground
Kicked while I'm down
I've been here before
This is nothing new to me
I cannot suffer
Another day
I see no light
I feel the pain

Put me through the ringer
Put me to the test
Leave me in the gutter
I gave my best

I used to look for the silver lining
I learned young that there isn't one
Now I'm just killing time
Cause I am living to die.

So you wanna see what I see?
You want a glimpse into my mind?
Take a step into my shoes
Welcome to a world of pain.
Pain and misery.
Track Name: Restless

I've never felt more restless
And discontent
Uncomfortable in my own skin

I felt my happiness
Slip through my finger tips
As fast as it came
As fast as it went

Bound by the shackles
On my mind
Insecurities still pouring out
Every time.

No one else but me to blame
I did this to myself
I had it all in the palm of my hand and I threw it all away.
Track Name: The Weight
The Weight

Do you ever think about dying?
Because I dream about it every night.
A razor's traced the lines up my arms a thousand times.

I'm tired of the weight on my chest
Can't stand the hands around my throat
I'm dying to breath but I have no will to live.

How much longer can I live like this?

Show me something real, give me something to feel
Something more than hopeless
Something more than broken.

Happiness is a fleeting feeling
Can never get it to sit still for too long
In and out of my life like everything else
I just want it to stay.

How much longer can I live like this?

Please just let me get what I want
This time.